The Day of Silence Subcommittee

One of the subcommittees that I was a part of was the Day of Silence subcommittee. This subcommittee was made specifically for planning out the actual Day of Silence. At the beginning of the actual day, students were given one of two colored cards. The red card indicated that they would be silent for the… Continue reading The Day of Silence Subcommittee


The Helping Hands Committee

A form of community service, the Helping Hands Committee allows individuals to learn more about both local and global issues that are faced by members of society every day. The objective of the Helping Hands Committee is not only to raise awareness for these causes but to also raise funds to help resolve the ongoing… Continue reading The Helping Hands Committee

Article: “What it is Like to Live in a Developing Country For Two Weeks”

This article is possibly the best article I have written for the newspaper. I loved this article because of the personal connection it held. It allowed me to voice my opinions while also representing my culture. I put a great amount of effort into this article and it turned into my favorite piece of written… Continue reading Article: “What it is Like to Live in a Developing Country For Two Weeks”

Article: “Five Songs You Don’t Know But Should Listen To”

This article was a more laid-back personal article. It's purpose was to add an element of pop culture to that month's issue. I gave the reader five songs of different musical genres that they may potentially want to listen to. This article isn't necessarily one of my most impressive works, but it allowed me to… Continue reading Article: “Five Songs You Don’t Know But Should Listen To”